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Vibrant Prints For All Your Apparel
Digital textile printing offers a myriad of benefits such as excellent print quality, high printing speed and numerous options for design customisation. As such, it creates clear and distinct prints for various types of clothes.


With advanced technology, high resolution and fast scan speed, DTG Digital is the leading innovator in the garment decorating industry. Its garment printers produce high quality graphics that are suitable for a wide range of print length and width sizes.


Through in-house state-of-the-art engineering, mechanised production processes, industrial expertise and R&D efforts, ThermTX has successfully built, designed and distributed a multitude of digital industrial print applications for an array of fabric types.


This established company is the first in Latin America and the third in the world to develop and manufacture equipment for direct printing on fabric on an industrial scale. Metalnox Digital's latest technological implementation and methodical logistics structure ensure quality products that meet all needs.